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Guide Costa Vicentina

A (kind of) guide to Costa Vicentina beaches

A (kind of) guide to Costa Vicentina beaches

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Despite having visited for the first time in 2019 and even though I am not the biggest beach lover, Costa Vicentina is one of my favourite places in Portugal. It is easy to understand why more and more people feel so well there. Besides the beauty of the beaches, the charm of the villages and the fresh fish, it seems that there is magic in the air that is very hard to resist. So, enjoy my (kind of) guide along Costa Vicentina!

Costa Vicentina Cabo Sardão
Cabo Sardão

In this Costa Vicentina guide you will find suggestions for beaches and also recommendations for accommodation and restaurants.

How many days do you need to visit Costa Vicentina?

The ideal duration of a stay in Costa Vicentina depends a lot on what you are looking for. Although it is possible to get to know the main beaches in 2 to 3 days, I believe that once you are there you will want to stay more days. Travelling in Costa Vicentina should be relaxed, and that is why I suggest 5 to 6 days in the region.

💡 EXTRA TIP: If you have more time available, I also recommend a trip to the Algarve. Take a look at my itinerary suggestion for the Algarve region.

What is the best time of year to visit the Costa Vicentina?

Since the main reason to visit Costa Vicentina are its beaches, the ideal time to visit this region is in the summer, from June to September, to ensure more suitable temperatures for the beach.

Accommodation in Costa Vicentina

Aljezur is closer to my favourite beaches, so if you are going to visit many beaches “close by” this is the ideal place to stay overnight. However, Vila Nova de Milfontes is more lively, so this is also another good option to look for accommodation.


  • Vicentina Hotel: although it is an older hotel, it has good conditions and breakfast is included in its rate. In addition, it is quite central, so you can easily reach several restaurants on foot.
  • Utopia Guesthouse: located 10 minutes by car from the centre, the space is pleasant and the environment more relaxed.

Vila Nova Milfontes

  • Raminhos Guesthouse: with few rooms available, the management of the accommodation is done very carefully. The house has recently been renovated, the decoration is simple but beautiful. I left this place feeling sorry to have spent only one night there. Very good value for money!
  • Alojamentos Vitinho: although it is a more modest accommodation, some of the rooms have a patio, which is perfect for having one of those long breakfasts while catching some sunbeams in the morning.

São Teotónio

Reserva Alecrim Glamping
Glamping at Reserva Alecrim

💡 EXTRA TIP: No longer in Costa Vicentina (but in Santiago do Cacém), we have an opportunity for a different stay! Check here my tips for a glamping experience at Reserva Alecrim.

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Costa Vicentina Guide: My favourite beaches

» Odeceixe Beach

Where the river meets the sea, Odeceixe beach is currently my favourite beach in the region, and it’s one that should be in every Costa Vicentina guide. I liked it so much that it was the only beach that I repeated on my second visit. Although it is not long, the beach is quite spacious.

  • Parking: on busy days it can be difficult to find a place but there are some improvised parks
  • Access to the beach: steep, but relatively easy
Costa Vicentina Odeceixe Beach
Costa Vicentina Odeceixe Beach

» Samoqueira Beach

One of the smallest beaches, but also one of the most beautiful. The water is so blue that it only makes you want to take a dip, no matter how cold it is.

  • Parking: there is a park near the beach
  • Access to the beach: access through some stairs but quite easy
Costa Vicentina Samoqueira Beach

» Vale dos Homens Beach

Not very long, but also not very small, Vale dos Homens beach looks a little different from the other beaches on Costa Vicentina.

  • Parking: there is a car park with easy parking
  • Access to the beach: there is a long staircase from the car park, but access is quite direct

» Arrifana Beach

Just beautiful! Looks straight out of a postcard. Although not very small, as it is one of the best-known beaches, it fills up easily.

  • Parking: on busy days, it can be difficult to find a place nearby
  • Access to the beach: after parking the car, the access is simple although a little longer (the street is quite steep and on the way back it is a rather steep climb)
Costa Vicentina Arrifana Beach

Costa Vicentina Guide: Other beaches

» Amado Beach

Although it is not one of my favourite beaches, Amado beach is still beautiful. With easier access, this beach counts with the presence of a bar/restaurant nearby.

  • Parking: there is a car park with easy parking
  • Access to the beach: very fast and simple access
Costa Vicentina Amado Beach

» Cordoama Beach

A beach that is well worth a visit! However, do not be fooled (as it happened to me) by Google Maps which suggests, at a certain point, going through a steep dirt road. There is an easier way to get there, don’t worry!

  • Parking: there is a car park with easy parking
  • Access to the beach: very fast and simple access after parking

» Almograve Beach

  • Parking: there is a car park with few places available
  • Access to the beach: quite simple
Costa Vicentina Almograve Beach

💡 EXTRA TIP: If you are nearby, you should also take the time to visit the incredible Cabo do Sardão. 

» Malhão Beach

  • Parking: there is plenty of parking available
  • Access to the beach: after parking access is very easy, however, the way to arrive by car is not paved, so you should drive carefully
Costa Vicentina Malhão Beach

» Burgau Beach

  • Parking: it can be difficult to find a parking spot very close to the beach, but it is always possible to find one in the surroundings
  • Access to the beach: easy but somewhat steep

» Bordeira Beach

If you want peace and quiet, this is one of the best beaches. The beach is very long and there is a viewpoint with beautiful views of the beach.

  • Parking: there are plenty of parking places near the beach
  • Access to the beach: it’s easy, although it takes a little longer
Costa Vicentina Bordeira Beach

» Zambujeira do Mar Beach

It is one of the best-known beaches and therefore fills up more easily. However, it’s still many people’s favourite.

  • Parking: parking can be a bit more complicated, but it is possible to find a place a few minutes walking from the beach
  • Access to the beach: very easy
Costa Vicentina Zambujeira Beach

» Alteirinhos Beach

  • Parking: there is a park near the beach
  • Access to the beach: a little longer, but alright (despite the long staircase)

» Vila Nova Milfontes Beach

If you visit this beach, take the opportunity to take a walk and visit the other beach that exists right next to this one – Farol Beach.

  • Parking: it can be a difficult task, but with some patience, it is possible to find a spot
  • Access to the beach: very simple

» Porto Côvo Beach

The beach is quite small but is served by a restaurant. If you visit this beach, take the opportunity to visit Porto Côvo which is simply lovely.

  • Parking: difficult to find near the beach, so the easiest thing is to look for parking in its surroundings
  • Access to the beach: simple
Costa Vicentina Porto Covo

» Ilha do Pessegueiro Beach

  • Parking: there is a park right by the beach
  • Access to the beach: in the access we found some stones blocking the way, but even so it is relatively easy to get to the beach
Costa Vicentina Ilha do Pessegueiro beach

» Furnas Beach

Very spacious, this beach offers the option of sea and river. So you can just enjoy the one you like the most!

  • Parking: plenty of places available
  • Access to the beach: there is a walkway from the car park (the easiest ever)

» São Torpes Beach

This is one of the best-known beaches, as sometimes the water heats up due to the proximity of the thermoelectric plant. However, the day I visited it the water was freezing and, quite honestly, it was a great disappointment. However, the beach is quite extensive.

  • Parking: there are plenty of places in the vicinity
  • Access to the beach: very easy

Restaurants in Costa Vicentina

Food in Costa Vicentina is sooo delicious that I definitely had to include restaurants’ suggestions in this guide to Costa Vicentina.


  • Restaurante III Geração (€€€): I have visited this restaurant on 2 occasions, and it has never disappointed. Whether the octopus salad, the black pork or the grilled sea bass, they all were delicious. In summer, the restaurant fills up very easily.
  • Restaurante Pont’A Pé (€€): with a very diverse menu, I tasted “Lulinhas à Algarvia”. The portion was well served, and I consider it has a good quality-price ratio. In summer, the best is to try to reserve a table beforehand.
  • Arte Bianca (€€): if you are looking for alternatives to traditional Portuguese cuisine, this place offers one of the best pizzas in Costa Vicentina.

Vila Nova Milfontes

  • Tasca do Celso (€€€): one of the most prestigious restaurants in this village, and you can easily understand why. Carefully decorated space and very friendly service. The pork cheeks were not only well served, but also delicious.
  • À Fateixa (€€): by the sea, this traditional restaurant offers good value for money in the dishes it serves. Highlights include “polvo à lagareiro” and the squid skewers with prawns.
  • 18 e Piques (€): perfect for a lighter lunch or a delicious breakfast as the speciality here are toasts.
  • Mabi (€): one of the best-known pastry shops in town, this is the ideal place for breakfast or a snack. Besides ice cream, they are also well known for their amazing croissants.


  • Microbar (€€): small space situated in a square in Carrapateira, this is a real find! Microbar offers lighter meals and has a considerable vegan/vegetarian offer. Perfect to have lunch in the middle of a day at the beach. Don’t miss the natural juices as well.

Sines (no longer Costa Vicentina, but it still counts, right?)

  • O Bejinha (€): truly traditional, this restaurant is located inside the Port of Sines and, as you would expect, the speciality is fish (VERY fresh!!). There is no menu, so when you arrive the menu is the fish of the day. We opted for the grilled sardines, which were simply delicious. And whenever the dish is empty, they bring more freshly grilled and warm sardines.

Disclaimer: this post may contain some affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you buy something through my links. This doesn’t represent any additional cost to you and you’ll be supporting my work here on the blog😊

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