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Serra da Boneca

Amazing day trip from Porto: Serra da Boneca (viewpoint + swing)

Amazing day trip from Porto: Serra da Boneca (viewpoint + swing)

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In this post, you’ll find all the tips to visit the incredible Serra da Boneca (more specifically the Boneca swing and Boneca viewpoint), located less than 1 hour away from Porto!

Everyone loves a viewpoint with great views, right? Porto is home to one of the most beautiful viewpoints in northern Portugal. Boneca Viewpoint and Boneca’s Swing have privileged views over the Douro River.

Both have become increasingly popular over the last few years and you only have to see a few photographs of the views to realise why.

Visiting the Boneca swing and Boneca viewpoint is an excellent way to spend a few hours on a day when you want to escape Porto’s hustle and bustle.

The creation of this swing and viewpoint results from an idea of a local friend group (Amigos da Boneca) who decided to create these two spaces to show off the splendour of Serra da Boneca. The aim was to minimise the impact on nature, while at the same time allowing visitors to have a good time.

Trail Boneca Swing
View over Douro River

Although Boneca’s swing originally had a different location, it was removed and placed in a new location, which I will explain in this post. There are reports of people who visited some time ago and didn’t find the swing, but I can assure you that in February 2024, the swing was still there.

Boneca Swing Beginning of Trail

💡 EXTRA TIP: Some people reported to have found huge lines to visit the Boneca swing. However, I think this doesn’t happen any more. I visited on a bank holiday afternoon and didn’t encounter any queues, so I believe that the swing isn’t as popular as it used to be. In any case, if you get the chance, you could try to plan your visit for a weekday, for example.

In addition to placing the swing elsewhere, a lookout point was also built more recently on a lower level with equally beautiful views.

Trail Boneca Swing

To get to both the Boneca swing and the Boneca viewpoint, you have to walk along a small trail. The trail itself, although a bit demanding at times, is quite pleasant.

Throughout this article, I’ll show you what to expect when you visit Serra da Boneca and give you various tips to help you plan a visit there, such as:

  • Where is Serra da Boneca located
  • How long do you need to visit the Boneca Swing and Boneca Viewpoint
  • How to get to Boneca Swing and Boneca Viewpoint
  • Useful tips for the hiking trail up to Boneca Swing and Viewpoint

Where is the Boneca Swing and Viewpoint?

Boneca Swing and Viewpoint are located in Sebolido (Penafiel), in the district of Porto. It takes about 40 minutes by car from the centre of Porto.

Serra da Boneca
Boneca Viewpoint seen from Boneca Swing

More specifically, the Boneca viewpoint and the Boneca swing are located in Serra da Boneca, one of Porto’s mountains. Get ready for a pleasant walk in nature and a lot of pictures to remember later on 🥰.

How to get to Boneca Viewpoint and Boneca Swing?

Access to Serra da Boneca is fairly simple, especially for those travelling from Porto. The quickest option is to take the A20 and A41 motorways and then the N108 national road to Sebolido.

If you want to save on tolls, you can drive most of the way along the national road. The route is quite pleasant in some parts, but I warn you that it has a lot of bends. The journey takes between 30 and 45 minutes, depending on where you start in Porto.

For those coming from Lisbon, the journey is much longer, but you can take the A1 to Porto and then the N108 to Sebolido.

There’s no doubt that having a car is the best option for getting to this viewpoint and swing, as alternative options are almost non-existent.

Where to park to visit the Boneca Viewpoint and Boneca Swing?

The start of the trail that leads to the viewpoint and swing is located next to the Sebolido Parish Council. There are only 3 to 4 car parking spaces here. However, you can find some spaces near the main road (that’s where I parked) or near the Sebolido Playing Field, which is even closer to the start of the trail that leads to the Boneca viewpoint and swing.

Serra da Boneca

How long does it take to visit Boneca Viewpoint and Boneca Swing?

Apart from the journey to and from Sebolido, I recommend setting aside at least two hours to walk the trail, enjoy the Boneca viewpoint and swing. What’s more, the scenery along the way is beautiful. So, I am pretty sure you’ll want to stop several times for a few photos 🥰.

💡 EXTRA TIP: I don’t recommend hiking this trail up to the swing and viewpoint on rainy days or immediately after it has rained, as some parts of the route get muddy, which can be a bit dangerous.

Accommodation near Serra da Boneca

One of the best places to look for accommodation to visit Serra da Boneca is undoubtedly Porto. However, some closer options might be worth considering if you’re interested:

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Trail to Boneca Viewpoint and Swing – Useful Information

Since both the Boneca swing and the Boneca viewpoint are located in Serra da Boneca, you have to walk along a small path to get there.

Boneca Swing Beginning of Trail
Directions near Sebolido Playing Field

The trail starts next to the Sebolido Parish Council, or more specifically, at the Sebolido Playing Field. There are signs near the parish council, so it’s easy to find the right direction. From the Playing Field onwards, the route is entirely on foot, and it’s not even possible to take a bicycle, for example.

Boneca Swing Beginning of Trail
Stairs at the beginning of the trail

The trail starts with some stairs, which are the only ones on the entire route. The rest of the trail, up to the viewpoint and then to the swing, is mostly uphill, with a few climbs that are still a bit steep. However, if you take it easy, it’s relatively smooth! From the start of the trail to the viewpoint is about 500 metres and from there to the swing another 400 metres or so, making a total of about 1 km.

Trail Boneca Swing Terrain
Uneven terrain in the trail

The terrain is quite uneven in some parts, which is why I wouldn’t recommend this trail to families with young children or people with reduced mobility, for example. There are ropes on the most demanding parts of the trail to ensure visitors’ safety and make the journey easier. However, when I visited (February 2024) many of the ropes were not properly fixed, making the route more dangerous.

Trail Boneca Swing
Boneca viewpoint visible from part of the trail

Just a few minutes after starting the trail, we began to see the Boneca viewpoint. The views are already breathtaking: the houses below on one side and the Douro River between two green hills on the other. Get your camera ready😄!

Trail Boneca Swing

When you reach the Boneca viewpoint, stop for a while to enjoy the scenery before continuing towards the Swing. The view from the lookout isn’t very different from the one you’ll have along the way, but it’s worth going to the viewpoint anyway.

Trail Boneca Swing

Near the viewpoint, you’ll find a sign informing you how to continue along the trail to the Boneca Swing. It’s another 400 metres or so (always uphill). When you get to the top, you’ll find the famous swing. Sit back, swing for a while and savour the lush green landscape in peace.

Boneca Swing
Boneca Swing

It seemed to me that it was possible to continue along the trail a little further after arriving at the swing. However, if you do as I did, after visiting the Swing, you’ll return to the start of the trail. The route back is the same. It will be easier now, as it’s mostly downhill, but it’s also challenging in some parts where the terrain is more uneven.

Trail Boneca Swing

Hiking trail in Serra da Boneca – What to bring

There are a few items that I consider essential for walking the trail to Boneca’s viewpoint and swing:

  • Suitable footwear (the terrain is quite uneven in some parts)
  • Water
  • Hat and sunscreen (especially for the hottest days, as there is not much shade during the trail)
Boneca Viewpoint

I hope this article has left you wanting to discover some natural wonders near the city of Porto. As a local, I confess I’d never been to Serra da Boneca until now, and I can say I loved it 😍.

Disclaimer: this post may contain some affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you buy something through my links. This doesn’t represent any additional cost to you and you’ll be supporting my work here on the blog😊

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