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Valencia What to visit

Valencia – What to Visit: 2 days itinerary

Valencia – What to Visit: 2 days itinerary

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If you live in Europe, Valencia is a Spanish city perfect for a weekend getaway. From its historic centre to the most modern part of the city, Valencia is full of charm. So, keep reading to find out all you need to know to visit Valencia!

Valencia What to visit

How many days do you need to visit Valencia?

Two days is the perfect duration to visit Valencia’s main points of interest and experience its lifestyle. The city is relatively compact, so you can easily visit it in a short period of time.

Valencia Turia Gardens

However, if you want to visit the interior of the various buildings that make up the City of Arts and Sciences or even some of the beaches in Valencia, then I would add a day to the itinerary.

What is the best time of the year to visit Valencia?

Valencia is a city with a very pleasant climate. I have had the opportunity to visit the city at two completely different times of the year (November and August) and in both, I was rewarded with sun and good weather. However, if I had to recommend a time to visit Valencia, I would say that you should go in May, June, September or October.

Valencia Central Market

In these months, the probability of rain is lower and the temperatures are warmer, without being excessively hot (which is frequent in summer).

How to get to Valencia?

Valencia is very well served in terms of flights with many direct connections to many European cities such as:

  • Portugal (Lisbon, Porto)
  • Italy (Rome, Milan, Bologna, Turin, …)
  • France (Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon)
  • United Kingdom (London, Manchester, Edinburgh, …)
  • Switzerland (Basel, Geneva, Zurich)
  • Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, …)
Valencia Serranos Tower
View from Serranos Tower

Alternatively, you can also fly to Madrid (an airport with even more connections, even outside Europe) and from there take a RENFE train to Valencia. The journey takes only 1h40.

How to get from Valencia airport to the city centre?

The easiest way to get from the airport to the city centre (besides by taxi, of course) is by metro or bus:

  • Bus No. 150: ticket costs 1.45€ and there are departures every 26 minutes during the week or every 47 minutes on weekends and public holidays. The journey takes about 30 minutes.
  • Metro: trip costs 3,9€ and takes about 30 minutes.

💡 EXTRA TIP: You can consult the most up-to-date version of all the options available here.

What is the best way to visit Valencia?

Valencia has a very efficient public transport network (metro and bus) for visiting all the points mentioned in this itinerary. However, as a general rule, it is possible to cover the distances between the various points of interest on foot.

So I would say that the best solution is to buy individual tickets as you need them. An individual ticket for one zone costs only 1.5€.

Valencia Plaza del Ayuntamiento
Plaza del Ayuntamiento

In any case, you can consult the most up-to-date price list of the various passes available directly on the Metro de Valencia website.

Accommodation in Valencia

I’ve had the opportunity to try two different accommodations in Valencia, which I really liked:

  • Casual Vintage Valencia: located in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, this accommodation could not be more central. Very basic accommodation, but perfect for resting after long walks during the day. In addition, the accommodation has a terrace with excellent views of Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
  • One Shot Colón 46: also very central, this is a very modern hotel with excellent conditions. They offer breakfast service, but honestly, you can easily find more affordable cafés in the vicinity.

However, there are many other options available in the city for all budgets:

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Activities & tours in Valencia

What to visit in Valencia?

Before starting the itinerary with what to visit in Valencia, I’ll share with you a map version of the main points of interest in the city to better plan your trip.

What to visit in Valencia – Day 1

» Central Market

Start your Valencia visit at one of the city’s most emblematic spots. Built between 1914 and 1928, this is one of the largest European markets. If the exterior of the building is already beautiful, wait until you are inside. Inside, you will find a typical fresh produce market.

Valencia Central Market
Valencia Central Market
Valencia Central Market

💡 EXTRA TIP: Try to visit the market during the morning as it is only open until 3:30 pm (except on Sundays when it is closed).

» La Lonja de la Seda

After the visit to the Central Market, on the other side of the street, you will find another popular spot: La Lonja de la Seda. With a typically Gothic style and built between the end of the 15th century and the beginning of the 16th century, the building was originally used in the silk trade.

Valencia Lonja de la Seda

In 1996, UNESCO considered this monument a World Heritage Site, and today it can be visited by everyone.

Valencia Lonja de la Seda

💡 EXTRA TIP: If you can visit this building at the weekend or on a holiday, since the entrance is free.

» Quart Towers

Continue the walk, and take the opportunity to visit one of the several towers that are scattered throughout the city. This tower is one of the many towers that were part of the old city walls.

Valencia Quart Tower

Besides exploring the tower’s exterior, it is also possible to ascend to its top and have wonderful views of the city – and all this for free.

» El Real and Monforte Gardens

Taking the metro at Àngel Guimer station, you will have to leave at the Facultats station. Here you can visit the El Real Garden and also Monforte Garden. Moreover, you can also start here a walk through the Turia Gardens (Alameda de Valencia) until you reach the City of Arts and Sciences. The route is still relatively long (3 km only one way) from here, but it is pleasant and includes many stops along the way.

» Turia Gardens

Being 9 km long, Turia Gardens is one of the largest parks in Spain. Along this route we have several bridges, reminiscing of older times in this city.

Valencia Turia Gardens

In fact, Turia gardens are built on what was the ancient course of the Turia river. After an intense flood in 1957, it was decided to divert the natural course of the river to the south of the city.

Valencia Turia Gardens

Nowadays, the gardens are used daily for physical exercise or simply for some very pleasant walks.

Valencia Turia Gardens
Valencia Turia Gardens

Along the way, you will want to stop several times to explore some of the main points of interest.

Gulliver Park

    More for kids than for adults, this playground is built around the idea of Gulliver’s stories, and it is one of the first places where you should stop.

    Valencia Gulliver Park

    City of Arts and Science

      Here you will find a different Valencia, more futuristic. The City of Arts and Science is a complex dedicated, as the name indicates, to arts and science, having been inaugurated in 1998.

      Valencia Cidade das Artes e Ciencias LHemisfèric

      In this complex, all the buildings are simply spectacular, seen from the outside. If you visit the city with more time and depending also on your interests, you may get lost for hours (even days) visiting all the complex has to offer.

      Valencia Cidade Artes e Ciencias El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía

      The complex has the following buildings:

      • L’Hemisfèric: Imax Cinema and Planetarium
      • El Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe: Interactive science museum
      • L’Umbracle: metallic structure with an open-air garden, and also an art exhibition with sculptures
      • L’Oceanogràfic: oceanographic aquarium
      • El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía: opera house and performances of other artistic shows
      • Assut de l’Or Bridge: a bridge connecting the south side of the city
      Valencia Cidade das Artes e Ciencias LHemisfèric
      Valencia LUmbracle
      Valencia LUmbracle
      Valencia Cidade Artes e Ciencias El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía
      El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía
      Valencia Bridge Assut de l'Or
      Assut de l’Or Bridge

      » Colón Market

      A less traditional market, but also with a rather beautiful exterior. Besides the fresh products that are also sold here, this market also has some cafés and restaurants.

      Valencia Cólon Market
      Valencia Colon Market

      What to visit in Valencia – Day 2

      » Plaza del Ayuntamiento

      Valencia Plaza del Ayuntamiento

      » Plaza Redona + Santa Catalina Tower

      Start by visiting Plaza Redona which, as the name implies, is a round square. Then, take the opportunity to climb to the top of Santa Catalina Tower where you can see the true splendour of Plaza Redona.

      » Plaza de la Reina

      One of the most touristic places in the city, since here you can find some of the main points of interest: Valencia Cathedral, El Miguelete, …

      Valencia Plaza de la Reina

      Here, you will certainly also have the opportunity to taste one of Valencia’s most typical drinks: horchata.

      » El Miguelete

      Once you arrive at Plaza de la Reina, it will be difficult not to see El Miguelete – the clock tower of Valencia Cathedral.

      Valencia El Miguelete

      About 50 metres high and with 207 steps, at its top, you will find some of the best views over the city. The price to climb is 2€, but it is well worth it.

      📝 USEFUL INFORMATION: Opening hours vary depending on the time of year, so I suggest you check the most up-to-date information here.

      Valencia El Miguelete
      Valencia El Miguelete

      » Valencia Cathedral

      Right next to El Miguelete, we have the Cathedral of Valencia, and here too, you must pay to visit it.

      Valencia Cathedral

      📝 USEFUL INFORMATION: A ticket to visit the inside of Valencia Cathedral costs 8€. Opening times vary depending on the time of year and can be found here.

      Also, while strolling through the historic centre of the city, let yourself get caught by the beautiful facades of the historic buildings. 

      Valencia What to visit
      Valencia What to visit
      Valencia What to visit
      Valencia What to visit

      » Plaza de la Virgen

      Another square well worth a visit is Plaza de la Virgen, where you can also visit some of the monuments that exist there: Santa Maria Cathedral, Basílica de la Virgen de los Desamparados and Palace of the Generalitat.

      Plus, don’t miss the beautiful fountain that exists in this square, either.

      Valencia Plaza de la Virgen

      » Serranos Tower

      This tower is one more of the 12 towers that were part of the wall of the city of Valencia. The interior of this wall can also be visited, with free visits on Sundays. On the remaining days, the visit costs 2€.

      Valencia Serranos Tower
      Valencia Serranos Tower
      Valencia Serranos Tower

      » Ruzafa Market

      In the district of Ruzafa (which is also worth exploring), there is also another smaller market that you can visit. It’s very cute!

      » Urban Art

      If you like urban art, Valencia has a lot to offer! There are several murals scattered around the city, and the best thing is to get lost in its streets and explore.  

      Valencia Urban Art

      Restaurants in Valencia

      • La Rollerie (€): a coffee with good value-for-money breakfast menus
      • Maui Rusafa (€€): a very small place that serves tapas, but all extremely tasty. I especially highlight the chicken strips with cornflakes.
      • Fum de Llum (€€€): pleasant space for more elaborated meals with some traditional dishes like paella.
      • Foodoo (€€): with a very pleasant space, here you can find flavours a little different from the traditional Spanish cuisine

      Disclaimer: this post may contain some affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you buy something through my links. This doesn’t represent any additional cost to you and you’ll be supporting my work here on the blog😊

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